Wednesday, 24 August 2011

An Interesting Day

I had an interesting day, not today... or yesterday I think... Maybe 2 days ago (I can't remember my sleeping is screwed up ._.) Anyway, I bumped into my Uncle (Simon shall remain nameless) on Facebook (Why do I still use facebook >_> Oh right, that's why ^_^). He asked me what I have been doing recently with my gaming and... Well obviously I told him. When I told him about my Beat Hell game we ended up in a conversation about starting a website, he said he had the idea for it about 3 years ago but never did anything. I don't want to talk about any details because we have only been chucking ideas around via email for a day but I really think it's something that could catch on.

On that same day (Tuesday?)  I was came across the website 8-Bit Funding. You can create a profile about your game in progress and ask the public for money in return for perks, "perks can be anything you can think of from a special thank you, pre-order, custom game character, to even physical items.". I told my friend Curt with whom I am helping code their game Metroid: Coven about this site and we had an interesting talk. I am thinking I might try it out myself.

I have been thinking about making my game Beat Hell commercial (probably a dollar :3) and that would be a good way to raise funds for a graphics artist.

In Beat Hell news I have been working (reasonably) hard. I have added a super cool new feature called Adaptable Speed, it sets the speed of the game to the music, this will also help to gather information on a song so it can be played at a good speed later. I have added a quick menu to change controls and some options so it should be ready for an alpha release sometime soon, of course if anyone really wants to give it a test they can ask me and I'll be happy to supply the latest stable build <3

In random news, Lucas (a person I used to work for) is making a game and has been doing concept art for it. We were talking and he asked if I wanted to be in it (XD). Here is the poster he uploaded today (I'm a pirate :3):

So that was a pretty interesting... uh, Wednesday? Nevermind it was awesome.

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