Monday, 29 August 2011

A Challenge!

Beat Hell has been chugging along slowly but steady, and I have finally decided to release an early alpha to my adoring public. As soon as I get some custom graphics (I will most likely make them myself >_>) I shall post the game to the gmc for some feedback. But until then...

I would like to issue a challenge to anyone who accepts. The challenge is to beat 1 of 3 songs on a build of Beat Hell while abiding by the following rules:

Must play on Hard difficulty.
Must play with Adaptive Speed on
Must play with detection method B

If you complete a song using the previous settings a code will be saved to 'challenge_code.txt'. Give me that code to verify.

If there happens to be a problem with the code I will still most likely believe you, because you wouldn't lie to me right?

The reward? Well you'll get the best thing a gamer can get: The knowledge that they are better than the game developer! That's right, while I have only tried a few times I have yet to complete this challenge :3

Main Download
The 3 Songs:
The legend of MAX

A quick controls run down:

Use the mouse to move your ship around.
You can shoot using left click, however this has no use as of yet.
Ctrl+R lets you select a new song.
P brings up the pause menu.

All you need to do is dodge the bullets until the end of the song... Easy right?

Have fun ^_^

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  1. Hey,

    I can get those gfx done :p
    And the screens of your FPS look amazing :)

    (tell me what gfx you need)